To achieve its objectives, VIDES undertakes to develop and implement projects, activities and training initiatives, educational, informative, technical and professional with reference to human, cultural and socio-economic development programs in Italy. and abroad, with particular attention to issues of social justice, equity and respect for human rights, and enhancing the role of women.
Collaborates with organizations and institutions that implement voluntary and cooperative initiatives and activities in the field of national and international development, paying particular attention to the education, promotion, protection and training of children, teenagers and women.

It carries out projects in network with public organizations, social services, educational establishments, family houses for:

  • Prevention of juvenile discomfort
  • Support and recovery of children in difficulty
  • Animation of free time and summer activities
  • Animation with intercultural and street educators
  • Immigrant Literacy
  • The opening of listening and reception centers

VIDES undertakes to carry out its activities in compliance with the laws in force with funding provided by public and private institutions and by appropriate methods of fundraising.

The VIDES proposal, always open to welcoming anyone who wants to experiment


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