In fact, November 28th to  Décembre 17th 2020 Vides team in Kunkujang organizes several activities as closing events for the Vides Migration project. It started with  Jarred who was a successful student but decide to go through the backway passed through hard times and ended up in prison. He was lucky enough to get back home through the International Migration Organisation(IOM).  Nowadays he is a successful businessman employing many young people. He high light the fact that the CRS training program was a great help. The last speaker but not the least, Mr Diop, shares his experience of owning a company that the boat trip to Jurufrey and sensitization on the way. Then we had meetings with communities in Jambenjelly, kachumbe, Mandia/Banyaka, Yuna….  and youth meetings at the youth centre in Kunkujang. All these events lead to the two days of training, exchange Networking and celebration at the GIP Center in Banjul.

After a great presentation by Father Peter about the Salesian and their work, we have followed the Vides Gambia Presentation by Father Peace then Redcross by Boubacar Sanghateh. They permit us to discover the Salesian, Vides activities but also to notice that the Red cross and Salesian of DonBosco were born the same year in 1859. Besides, we learnt that they have both humanitarian assistant as part of their work and many other similarities among the organizations. The first three presentations were followed by the CRS one. Mrs  Janetta Mendy,  a vibrant woman she presented about CRS and its work in the Gambia. Her presentation permits us to know that they are many similarities between CRS works and that of VIDES, Salesian and RedCross so open new space for creating synergy among the actions in the filed to make more impact for the benefit of the needed people.

Furthermore, we had the GamJob dynamic youth representative presentation about their work. They are connecting youth with jobs opportunities. The presentations were done by Lamine and  Ms Jatta. The Workshop ended with the success stories of some of the returnees among process groundnut. It becomes so successful that he has some time issues to satisfy the requests and employ many people. He is also a returnee. They all demonstrate the Gambia is a land of opportunities and young people are encouraged to explore first the opportunities around them.

The  Workshop ended by the speech of Vides  Representative, Mr Sounkalo DEMBELE, he uses that opportunity to thank all of the Partners involves in the process on behalf of Mario Simei, the Vides  International Representative.

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