After the lockdown because of Covid19, vides Gambia engages a lot of activities from meeting with students at schools, the youth of the parish at the Kunkunjang Youth Centre, at the churches to a boat trip of sensitization and training.

In fact, since the chief of the Mission of Vides Italia, Mario Simei could not come because of Covid19 he askes his assistant Sounkalo DEMBELE to visit the implementing partners of Vides Migration in Senegal and Gambia in order to review with them both the finance and activities of the project so that to plan for the closing annual conferences of the project in  December for Senegal and Gambia.

The visit starts with Kunkujang community in the Gambia where he had the honour to join Kunkujang parishes youth meetings. During that meeting, the Coordinator of the Vides Gambia Father Peace with his colleagues: father Carlos and Father Peter all of them speak to the youth with concrete examples of how dangerous it is to use the backway migration. It was also an opportunity for Sounkalo DEMBELE, the representative of the Chief of the mission to exchange with the youth about their own experiences about irregular migration. We had also the opportunities to talk to people at 5 different churches, 4 schools a boat trip with around 30 people about the dangers of backways migration. Besides the dynamic Coordinator, Father Peace Ike organizes Radio program against Human trafficking. The different activities permit to reach more than 10 thousand people.

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